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Wat weet jij eigenlijk van Pilates?

Wat weet jij eigenlijk van Pilates?

Lees hier wat Pilates trainer Deanna Dorman je te vertellen heeft:


“Pilates is something that many people I talk to still don’t quite understand. Most think of it as a form of yoga, and although Pilates and yoga have some similarities, Pilates is much different. As a trainer with extensive training and a specialty in Pilates, I am very excited to introduce the top benefits of Pilates and ten classic moves to get you started!

Benefits of Pilates:

It’s a Total-Body Workout – While Pilates focuses on core strength, it also develops full-body strength. It ensures that certain muscles will not become overdeveloped or underdeveloped. Pilates promotes balance through the body while increasing flexibility and joint range of motion.

Improves Mind-Body Awareness – Attention to core strength and matching movement with your breath provides a challenge to the mind as well. This mind-body connection becomes important in everyday movement as well as in your other non-Pilates workout routines.

Perfect for Everybody – No matter what your fitness level, Pilates can be adapted to your workout routine. The foundational exercises and movements are used for the very most basic exercisers all the way to athletes. With thousands of exercises and modifications, Pilates can be tailored to any individual. Focusing on core strength and proper alignments allows the exerciser to develop the strength to progress at a safe, yet challenging speed.

Increases Flexibility – With each movement, you will work through contracting certain muscles, while finding length through other muscles. Many exercises work on increasing range of motion through a joint or focus on building flexibility through muscles.

Improves Posture – With increased core strength and an understanding for the correct alignment that comes with Pilates, better posture will also soon develop. Good posture is a reflection of good alignment supported by a strong core.

Pilates Workouts

Complete this workout as a series, moving from one exercise to the next with minimal breaks in between. As you develop strength, you may even be able to complete the entire series without resting.”

Ben je nieuwsgierig geworden na het lezen van het verhaal van Deanna Dorman en het zien van de oefeningen, neem dan contact op met PerfeKt Pilates via het contactformulier, bel of stuur een mailtje naar Dan maken we een afspraak voor een proefles in September, wanneer het lesrooster weer volledig van start gaat.

Als je deze oefeningen nl. 2-3 per week doet als een routine, dan zul je je lichaamsvormen  zien veranderen, kracht ontwikkelen en je energieker gaan voelen. Een sterke “core” en een betere “body en mind” connectie zullen je naar een niveau brengen in het uitoefenen van je andere sporten waar je niet van had durven dromen.

Zie je bij PerfeKt Pilates!

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